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Maryland school providing credit for large open on-line courses – Baltimore Sun  - It’s all component of the broader effort to obtain beyond the hype surrounding MOOCs to work out regardless of whether the categories have the prospective, as a few have mentioned, to convert greater education similarly the Internet revolutionized publishing, retailing and journalism.

The hope is they’ll give various and fewer expensive suggests that to obtain a somewhat. A three-credit training program may price many thousand bucks with a ancient university, whilst a similar category offered like a MOOC might doubtless be below $200.

Still, a few worry which the categories, that typically totally free of charge, can never give a similar quality of education or sort of expertise which a bricks-and-mortar faculty provides.

UMUC has agreed to grant credit for 6 courses which closely match its personal introductory offerings. However to obtain the credit, students can need to show they know about the materials. That may be done one among 2 methods : if you take a paid version from the training program for $150 or less, that contains proctored exams, or by going via a rigorous “prior learning assessment” method at UMUC, that measures competency in a subject. No students have signed on yet.

“I don’t need anybody to believe we’re providing away credit, ” mentioned Marie Cini, provost and senior vice president for educational affairs at UMUC.

A school education hasn't been a lot of necessary for socioeconomic achievement or even more expensive, President Barack Obama mentioned last month in announcing his plans for education reform, that embrace challenging for colleges to generate less expensive methods to provide a good education.

He highlighted MOOCs that frequently adhere to a format of brief, on-line video lectures, assignments and quizzes as you can game-changers. And U. S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has mentioned they have “become probably the most significant catalysts of innovation in greater education. ”

Last spring, Georgia Tech announced plans for any MOOC master’s in pc science that could price lower than $7, 000 to finish, compared along with greater than $40, 000 for out-of-state students who pursue a similar somewhat on campus. Thus far, it seems as being solely MOOC somewhat out there, despite an intense concentrate on the on-line categories by university officers across the country.

School board members and trustees are pushing establishments to research MOOCs as a result of they’re worried they will certainly be still remaining behind in the event that they don’t, education advocates mentioned.

“For the very first 40 many years of my career, terribly very little modified in greater education, and in fact now, wow, issues are actually hopping, ” mentioned Ray Schroeder, associate vice chancellor for on-line learning in the University of Illinois Springfield. “It’s simply superb to me. I’m simply infatuated along with all this. ”
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